Digital will. Inheritance of digital rights (cryptocurrencies, balances in online banks, online games, subscriptions, etc)

What is the digital fingerprint? They are our possessions and memories on the network / internet or on hardware such as a computer, an usb or external hard drive, blockchain…

They can be: emails, banks and cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, NFTs, bank accounts (of banks that only work online,) Social Network accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), Subscriptions (online games, online magazines, online bets…), online services (Amazon and other electronic businesses, online software and apps, spaces purchased in Dropbox, Google Drive even with photos, videos etc.), and other services that you are paying, personal content in the cloud or blockchain (photos on Google, documents on Dropbox, videos on Youtube or iCloud).

This is what is called a fingerprint. It would be a shame if all this was lost or went to strange hands or the Administration when the person dies and not in favor of the people he loves or his heirs.

That is why it is possible to make a Digital Will. It is the document with all the digital possessions, the urls and keys to access them, and an authorization to a trusted person so that they can access in the event of death. You can decide how to say goodbye on the forums and blogs you frequent, or on your social networks, which accounts to delete, your investments…

Digital Will

It must be considered that the online contracts of which the heirs may not know their existence, will continue to spend their bills (Netflix, Tinder, etc.), even in the case of cryptocurrencies they are inherited but if you have not left the keys there is no way to access them because there is no central body that controls them.

Is it in itself a will? No, it is a legal document that allows a person to give instructions on what to do about their digital presence once they die. According to current legislation, a digital will cannot replace a notarized will, so it would not be valid before a judge if the notarial signature has not been previously signed. For this reason, in order to carry out the process with legal guarantee and prevent the so-called digital will from being declared null because it does not comply with the legal requirements of any will, today it is necessary to include the digital will (the so-called digital will) in a will traditional life in the notary (at the notary itself or online before a notary).