Image and reputation on the Internet and social networks. Main threats.

The Internet and social networks are a gigantic source of information about anyone. Large amounts of data circulate daily on the network. It is usual that the first step we take to find information about someone (be it a person, a minor, a company …) is a search in internet search engines such as Google and social networks.

However, not all the information that we can find will be truthful, it does not even have to be positive or it may simply not be interesting that this information is available to anyone.

Social Media

There may be harmful or negative aspects that can damage the personal image (criminal files, criminal records, an unfortunate comment on a social network, an inappropriate uploaded photo or an inappropriate video, harmful news, denigrating campaigns, unpaid fines, negative content , malicious comments on blog and forums, professional negligence, criminal or criminal conduct, conflicting hobbies, appearance of inappropriate information in official gazettes, irregular access to profiles on social networks by third parties publishing on our behalf without our own knowledge, etc.).

We must all control our image online, and therefore we have the right to defend our image and reputation on the internet or on social media.

We can and must, on the one hand, adopt measures to protect ourselves against information or content that is negative or harmful to us by making such content disappear from the network and demanding responsibilities where appropriate from those responsible for such content.

Some examples of this negative content:

Someone uploads a compromising photo of a young person partying. Years later, when looking for a job, that is still one of the first photos that appears of him / her when you search for his / her name on the Internet, so it will be difficult for them to give him / her the job.

A woman sees how an intimate photo of her is published by her ex-partner or a third party on social networks, forums, web pages and does not know what to do to delete it.

A professional is accused in a judicial process. Despite being acquitted, comments about him on the Internet cause him to close his bank accounts, deny loans and lose clients. Negative campaigns in front of that professional on the Internet with the intention of hurting him.

Some parents see how images and videos of cyberbullying suffered by their child are distributed on the network.

A famous person (VIP) sees how they look like advertisements on the Internet where he apparently advertises certain financial investments being false. Or denigrating campaigns or false accusations (often sexual, harassment or abuse) to destroy your reputation and your career.

Individuals or companies that appear in records of defaulters and that have not been canceled will have difficulties accessing financing or insurance. Or they appear in official gazettes as debtors of fines with the Administration.

Images of young people throwing containers in demonstrations and years later looking for work will have a hard time finding it.

People who have had problems with the law or have a criminal record, have the right to digital social reintegration and eliminate the trace of a past that compromises their reintegration.

Basically, the content is eliminated in the place that has directly published or contains that information (forums, websites, official gazettes, the media …). And that content is also de-indexed in the main search engines such as Google and the like, this is by eliminating the url in the searches that are carried out in those search engines, that is, if I go directly to that page, I will be able to see the publication, but if I search in the search engine my name will not appear among the results.

But we can also work on improving our image on the internet and social networks by building an image, positive and enriching reputation (Positive news, favorable comments and preparation of the results they offer when conducting searches about our person, business, etc.) which will improve your global image and appear in the first positions in search engines about yourself, relegating other information that is not so interesting.