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Whatever your profile, if you’re looking to boost your sales, enhance your visibility and reputation, are concerned about safeguarding your online privacy or data or intellectual or industrial creations, want to digitalizate your business or automatizate your business operations, wish to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence, or want to delve into blockchain technology, among other examples, our services are tailored for you.

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Our services

For individuals, professionals and companies

Online Image and Reputation

Online Image and Reputation

We enhance positive contents and erase negative ones.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We manage your social networks, promote your website and online sales, and optimize search engine positioning.

Digital Security

Digital Security

We protect you where others don’t reach: Badfree Ring. We safeguard your data and information, your reputation and image, your intellectual creations such as your brand, videos, photos, designs…



We accompany you in the digital transformation process, implementing the technology and making adaptations in processes and people.

Data Analysis Service (Data Science)

Data Analysis (Data Science)

Boost your business with our Data Analysis Service, tailored to your specific needs: clear data, solid decisions.

Assets and Digital Goods

Digital Assets and Goods

Specialized services in cryptoassets, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, tokens, NFTs, ranging from tax advisory and smart contracts to protection against scams and digital asset location.