Consulting in Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoassets.

  • CryptoMarketing: promotion of crypto businesses (Defi startups, NFT projects, DAO communities, Metaverse software companies…) and their digital assets (NFTs, cryptocurrencies, tokens…) using specific marketing of the crypto world such as certain platforms, forums and specific communities where users of the crypto world interact (Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit…), blogs, emails and specialized crypto content, Airdops, rewards, Influencer marketing and many more.
  • Fiscality and taxation: special taxation of operations with cryptocurrencies and crypto assets (Tokens, NFTS…), information obligations, declaration of assets abroad, taxation of inheritances and divorces with crypto…
  • Contracts in cryptocurrencies, smartcontracts, businesses with Tokens, and NFTs.
  • Location and discovery of Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoactives. It can be difficult for an inexperienced person to know the assets in cryptocurrencies of another person, in special if that person hides or has converted other assets into crypto for concealment in situations of insolvency, embargoes, divorces or inheritances or if the investments has been done due to money laundering.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: We advise and protect the intellectual property of Cryptoassets, Tokens, NFTs…
  • Expediting difficulties in operating with banks when investing in cryptocurrencies: It is not uncommon for the bank you work with to block or delay the financing operation of your investment in cryptocurrencies due to insecurity under the Money Laundering Prevention Law and we have have to fill out some documents.
  • Protection against scams. Fraudsters get victims to invest their money in cryptocurrencies in exchange for high interest or participation in high-yield companies, in all cases such investments do not exist and they end up keeping the investor`s money.