Consultancy on Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Assets

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, where digital innovation meets financial opportunities. At Ciberkon, we offer you a wide range of specialized services in this exciting and ever-evolving realm.


Promotion of crypto businesses, including Defi startups, NFT projects, DAO communities, and Metaverse software companies, along with their digital assets such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and tokens. We employ specific marketing strategies for the crypto community, engaging on platforms and forums where users gather, such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. Additionally, we create specialized content, conduct Airdrops, rewards, and collaborate with influencers to maximize the visibility of your project.

Fiscality and taxation.

We address the special taxation of cryptocurrency transactions, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as crypto assets such as tokens and NFTs. We assist you in meeting the required reporting obligations and provide guidance on the declaration of foreign assets. Furthermore, we offer advisory services in situations involving inheritances and divorces related to cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contracts and Crypto Transactions.

We provide guidance on creating and executing contracts in cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and businesses related to tokens and NFTs.

Location and discovery of Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoactives.

At times, discovering the cryptocurrency assets of third parties can be challenging, particularly for inexperienced individuals. This may be due to assets being hidden or converted into crypto for legal reasons, such as insolvencies, seizures, divorces, inheritances, or money laundering origins. We have experience in locating and recovering crypto assets.

Protection of Intellectual Property.

We provide guidance and protection for intellectual property rights related to crypto assets, tokens, and NFTs.

Streamlining Banking Operations for Cryptocurrency Investments.

We assist in expediting banking transactions related to cryptocurrency investments. It’s not uncommon for the bank you work with to block or delay the financing operation of your cryptocurrency investment due to anti-money laundering regulations, requiring additional documentation.

Protection against scams.

Regrettably, cryptocurrencies are sometimes used in scams. Scammers convince victims to invest their money in cryptocurrencies in exchange for high-interest returns or participation in high-yield companies. In all cases, these investments do not exist, and scammers abscond with investors’ money.

Search and Location of Digital Assets

We investigate, search and locate any property or digital right of any individual or company.

In this digital age, a significant portion of our memories and possessions are stored in the vastness of the internet or on devices such as computers, USB drives, external hard disks, or even in emerging technologies like blockchain.

These assets may include emails, bank accounts, and investments in cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and NFTs), profiles on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others), subscriptions to online services (games, magazines, betting, and more), online purchases (Amazon and other e-commerce platforms), software and cloud-based applications, cloud storage space like Dropbox and Google Drive (even with your personal photos and videos), and other services for which you are making payments.

All of this constitutes what we refer to as your “digital footprint.”

Our services are especially valuable in situations involving bereavement, inheritances, divorces, pension disbursements, insolvency, defaults on payments, asset seizures, and complex legal circumstances.

What is the digital life?


Your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok…


Bank accounts, paypal, investment in Cryptocurrencies or NFTs.


Spotify, AppleMusic, Youtube Premium, online games, digital magazines, online bets…

Cloud SERVICes

Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud… with personal data.

OTher online SERVICes

Amazon and other eCommerces, software, apps…

Are you ready to explore opportunities in the blockchain world?

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