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Badfree Ring from Ciberkon

Have you noticed that 99% of the time you operate in spaces that do not depend on your cybersecurity or control?

You surf the Internet, use search engines like Google, visit third-party websites and online stores, engage in social networks and marketplaces. It’s where you connect, communicate, make transactions, sell, and buy. And precisely there is where you expose yourself the most, depending on the security these third parties have implemented.

In this digital realm, there are three fundamental elements we put at risk on a daily basis:

  1. Data and Information: Your personal data, banking details, passwords, personal or commercial information, communications, and more.
  2. Intellectual and Industrial Property (IP): Trademarks, videos, photographs, designs, music, and everything that is the result of your creativity.
  3. Image and Reputation: Yours or your business’s.

So, as you can see, it’s not just about protecting yourself from hackers and cyberattacks and hiring cybersecurity; there are other everyday and vital threats and risks that traditional cybersecurity cannot foresee or control. Don’t you think you should take control of your digital security? That’s where our Digital Security services come into play.

Protection of your Intellectual and Industrial Property

We protect your intellectual or industrial property against non-consensual use, theft, unauthorized copying, counterfeiting, piracy, illegal downloading, distribution, or any form of infringement. The digital world has amplified these threats.

We detect and eliminate infringements on your intellectual and industrial property. Depending on the situation, we monetise them and turn them into revenue for you.

We offer comprehensive solutions for intellectual property protection: protocols, practices, training and records.

What do we protect?

    • Brands and distinctive signs.
    • Business identity and commercial image
    • Your website and your domain
    • Your social networks and their content
    • Copyright, intellectual, scientific, literary or artistic creations: computer programs, musical and literary works, online courses, publications, downloads, possession and distribution of illegal files.
    • Your products
    • Cryptoassets, Tokens and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).
Where do we act?
  • Search engines (Google, etc): URLs that offer illegal access to protected content in search engines; highranking phishing sites to trick users; websites indexed by unauthorized vendors selling fakes, etc.
  • Social networks: fake profiles that impersonate your identity; false advertisements on networks to redirect to fraudulent websites; or sale of fake products on networks; nonconsensual use of your videos…
  • Fraudulent websites: Cybersquatting (or identical domain names to take advantage of your brand), Typosquatters (similar domains with typos), imitation websites to sell counterfeits, redirect traffic or steal personal and financial data from customers and users.
  • Marketplaces: imitation or counterfeit products; unauthorized dealers; use of unauthorized images, etc.
  • Video platforms (Youtube, etc.): unauthorized use of your content and creations by blocking them or monetizing them (Social video growth).
  • Cyberlockers: P2P that distribute illegally; cloud/cloud from where it is illegally distributed; streaming where it is illegally viewed online without having to download and store files.
  • Mobile apps: unauthorized apps that impersonate your identity; fake apps to steal user data; fraudulent app to deceive the consumer.

Protection of your Data and Information: personal and sensitive data, relevant and confidential informationa and data.

Your data and information are in constant circulation and exposed, whether or not you have cybersecurity measures in place.

You send emails, share files, work remotely, make online purchases, connect to public Wi-Fi networks, post on social media, grant partners access to your system, and much more.

You also face the risk that your data, even the data protected by cybersecurity, such as that of your business, might be exposed to external threats due to human error or malicious intent. They can be the target of cyberattacks aimed at obtaining this information.

If this data falls into the wrong hands, it could be used for criminal activities and identity theft, enabling individuals to, for example, access your bank accounts, use your credit cards, make payments on your behalf, post comments or use your social media, or contact your clients.

This poses a significant risk to your financial well-being and your reputation and image.

We are going to provide you with specific solutions to your case:
  • Protocols and preventive measures so that your personal, reserved and secret data is protected (data access and management technology, backups, ip/domain securitization, sensibilization…)
  • Cancellation, when possible, of banking operations (payments, transfers, …) made on your behalf by the impersonator.
  • Removal of comments and publications made on your behalf by the impersonator on social media and the Internet, as well as denunciation and blocking.
  • Request the right to be forgotten on the Internet in the event that the damage suffered is irreparable.
  • Registration in the APD registry, adaptation to Data Protection regulations for businesses.
  • Review of consents and communications of personal data that we have made and exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition according to each case.

Protection of your Image and Reputation: behaviour on Social Networks and the Internet.

Your reputation and image, whether personal or for your business, are not solely influenced by your online activities. They also depend on the actions, opinions, and reviews of third parties who act, express their views, and pass judgments on you or your business without your knowledge or consent. They might adhere to systematic social behaviours or your competence actions aimed at causing harm.

Haters, trolls, your competence and other social profiles can tarnish your credibility and reputation on the internet and social media. They contribute to the spread of hatred and other negative behaviours intended to cause harm, distress, or even engage in criminal activities on the internet and social networks. They often manifest themselves through systematic negative reviews, comments on social media platforms, review and rating sites (such as Trustpilot and Tripadvisor), marketplaces (Amazon…) or through fake news.

Such activities not only undermine the credibility, image, and reputation of individuals, businesses, or brands, but they can also amount to hate crimes, sextortion (sexting), cyberbullying, unfair competition and more.

We are going to provide you with tailored solutions for your case:
  • Protocols and preventive measures so that it does not happen again.
  • The removal and deletion of all reviews, comments, fake news and publications of any kind made by that person that are negative, harmful, derogatory, or offensive to you or your business.
  • Denunciation and blocking on social networks and internet platforms of the person who makes negative, harmful, denigrating, or offensive comments and publications.
  • Continuous management and monitoring of Haters, keeping evidence of their actions, and responding appropriately when a response is necessary or convenient.
  • Support in the complaint before the competent authorities (police or courts) if necessary.

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