Selection of technologies and digitalisation solutions.

We select the digital technologies and solutions most appropriate to your business or commercial objectives and make you a digitalization proposal with the most suitable providers for you. Save your time, we’ll take care of it.

  • Cloud, backups
  • Virtual Office and telework
  • Data protection with DPO solutions
  • Whistleblower channel
  • Digital Invoicing: Simplify your processes and save time with electronic invoicing.
  • Digital Signature: Streamline and secure your document signing processes.
  • Data Analysis, Big Data and Business intelligence
  • Accessible Communications: Ensure accessibility with subtitles, audio descriptions, and more.
  • Advanced Logistics Management: Optimise your warehouse and improve logistics.
  • Timekeeping records: Comply with regulations and simplify management.
  • ERP and CRM Integration: Centralise your operations and enhance your relationship with customers.
  • Cybersecurity: Protect your business with state-of-the-art antivirus and firewall systems. Educational platforms on cybersecurity.

Follow-up and monitoring of legal compliance and risk control in the implementation and use of technology

Because whatever your technology or digitalization solution (your website, app, chatbot, your AI, your networks), it is not just about installing them but they must permanently comply with regulations, not generate risks of sanctions, and be safe and reliable for people or clients.  (Data Protection, LSSI, Artificial Intelligence Law, Intellectual Property, Diversity-equity-inclusion, etc.),

Permanent technological support and monitoring

In which we can resolve your technological doubts about the use, adaptation or improvement of the technologies and digital solutions used by you, or new existing or emerging technologies that can improve your business.

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