We investigate, search and locate any property or digital right of any individual or company.

In this digital age, a significant portion of our memories and possessions are stored in the vastness of the internet or on devices such as computers, USB drives, external hard disks, or even in emerging technologies like blockchain.

These assets may include emails, bank accounts, and investments in cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and NFTs), profiles on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others), subscriptions to online services (games, magazines, betting, and more), online purchases (Amazon and other e-commerce platforms), software and cloud-based applications, cloud storage space like Dropbox and Google Drive (even with your personal photos and videos), and other services for which you are making payments.

All of this constitutes what we refer to as your “digital footprint.”

Our services are especially valuable in situations involving bereavement, inheritances, divorces, pension disbursements, insolvency, defaults on payments, asset seizures, and complex legal circumstances.

What is the digital life?


Your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok…


Bank accounts, paypal, investment in Cryptocurrencies or NFTs.


Spotify, AppleMusic, Youtube Premium, online games, digital magazines, online bets…

Cloud SERVICes

Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud… with personal data.

OTher online SERVICes

Amazon and other eCommerces, software, apps…

Is your digital footprint under control?

Don’t let your digital assets go to waste.