We investigate, search and locate any property or digital right of any person or company.

Much of our possessions and memories are on the network/internet or on hardware such as a computer, an USB or external hard drive, blockchain…

They can be: emails, banks and cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, NFTs, bank accounts (of banks that only work online,) Social Network accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin…), Subscriptions (online games, online magazines, online bets…), Online services (Amazon and other electronic businesses, online software and apps, spaces purchased in Dropbox, Google Drive even with photos, videos of yours), and other services that you are paying, personal content in the cloud or blockchain (photos on Google, documents on Dropbox, videos on Youtube or iCloud).

This is what is called a fingerprint.

We also look for and locate any property or digital right of a deceased person.

What is the digital life?


Your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok…


Bank accounts, paypal, investment in Cryptocurrencies or NFTs.


Spotify, AppleMusic, Youtube Premium, online games, digital magazines, online bets…

Cloud SERVICes

Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud… with personal data.

OTher online SERVICes

Amazon and other eCommerces, software, apps…