Both individuals and businesses establish an online presence, personal image and reputation through our activities on social networks, opinion platforms, and the internet in general. Moreover, we are subject to the actions and comments of third parties.

Do you like what you find about yourself or your business when conducting an internet search? (i.e. google, websites, social media, marketplaces…)?¿Or are you suffering from a smear or difamation campaign or are you being cyberbullied?

We assist you in enhancing your online reputation and image.

We erase and eliminate negative content.

Content published on the internet and social media that is harmful or negative, which could damage your personal image, that of your business, or that of a minor, is removed. We eliminate or mitigate negative content (in search engines, websites, social networks, etc.), we deindex the content in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) and we protect and defend your image, even claiming liability where appropriate.

A variety of damaging or negative contents may exist, including false reviews and evaluations of a business, negative and malicious comments on opinion sites or blogs or forums, misinformation or fake news about your business or person, credit and financial records, criminal backgrounds, ill-fated social media comments, inappropriate images or videos, detrimental news, derogatory campaigns, unpaid fines, negative content, professional negligence, criminal or delinquent behaviour, contentious hobbies, undesirable information in official bulletins, unauthorized access to social media profiles with third parties posting on your behalf without your knowledge, and more.

We accentuate the positive and build a positive and enriching image and reputation.

Positive news, favourable comments, and the preparation of search results related to your person, business, or a minor are optimized. We enhance your business’s presence and reputation on opinion platforms like Google My Business, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, and others.

Research and Report on Digital Footprint, Yours and Others’.

We conduct comprehensive internet research to identify references and contents related to you, your business, or minors. We provide a Digital Footprint Report, or online presence, along with recommendations for improving your reputation. We can also conduct investigations on third parties or businesses if you plan to engage in business relationships, hire personnel, select tenants for your property, start a relationship, or monitor the activities of your minor children.

Continuous Control and Monitoring.

We perform ongoing monitoring of content, information, publications, and news related to you, your business, or minors. We pay special attention to those that could cause significant harm, such as fake news.

Emergency Reputation Rescue in Reputation Attacks and Crises. SOS.

When you face direct attacks on your reputation or that of your business, which threaten significant harm to your business, clients, income, reputation, and long-term image, we are here to assist.

  • Cyberattacks with client and business data theft and identity impersonation (e.g., bank clients providing their data to hackers, believing they are giving it to their bank).
  • Cyberattacks that paralyse the business for days, weeks, or months.
  • Identity theft on social media, websites, blogs, and forums, with harmful content posted in your name or that of your business.
  • Defamatory advertising campaigns or media persecution.

Do you want to enhance your digital presence?

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