Everyone, people and companies, have a digital life in which we leave our mark through our actions on social networks, opinion platforms or the internet in general, and the actions that others do with or without our consent. Do you like what you find about yourself or your business when doing an Internet search?. We improve your online Reputation and image:

  • We erase and eliminate all the negative content published on the Internet and social networks that are harmful or negative that may damage your personal image, that of your business or that of a minor, we de-index the content in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) and we protect and defend your image even claiming responsibilities in your case.

There may be a diversity of harmful or negative content such as: delinquent files, equity-credit, criminal records, an unfortunate comment on a social network, an inappropriate uploaded photo or an inappropriate video, harmful news, denigrating campaigns, unpaid fines, negative content, malicious comments on blog and forums, professional negligence, criminal conduct, borderline hobbies, inappropriate information in official gazettes, irregular access to profiles on social networks by third parties publishing on our behalf without our own knowledge…

  • We enhance the positive and build a positive and enriching image and reputation: Positive news, favorable comments, and preparation of the results offered when searching for your person, business or a minor…We optimize the presence and reputation of your business on opinion platforms such as Google My Business, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, etc.
  • Investigation and Digital Footprint Report: we investigate the Internet to find out the references and content that appear related to you, your business or a minor. We issue a Digital Footprint Report or internet presence and we even recommend actions on it to improve your reputation. We can also do it about other third parties or businesses if you are going to negotiate with them, hire people, choose a tenant for your property, start a relationship or control your son/daughter (minor)…
  • Permanent control and monitoring of content, information, publications or news about your person, business or minors. Especially those that can be more harmful and damaging, such as fake news.
  • Emergency Rescue after Attacks on Reputation and Reputational Crises: direct attacks on people or businesses to cause significant reputational damage with loss of business, clients, money, reputation and image in the long term.
    • -Cyber ​​attacks with theft of customers and business data, and identity impersonation (e.g. bank customers who give their data to hackers in the belief that they give it to their bank).
    •  -Cyber ​​attacks that paralyze the business for days, weeks or months.
    •  -Identity theft on social networks, on the website, blogs, forums by publishing harmful content in your name or that of your business.
    • -Denigrating advertising campaigns or media persecution