We protect your intellectual or industrial property against non-consensual use, theft, unauthorized copying, falsification, piracy, illegal downloading or distribution, or infringement of the same in any way, which has multiplied with the massive use of the Internet.

We detect and eliminate infringements of your intellectual and industrial property. Depending on the case, we monetize them and convert them into income for you.

We provide you with solutions for intellectual property protection: protocols, practices, training and records.

What do we protect?

  • Brands and distinctive signs.
  • Business identity and commercial image
  • Your website and your domain
  • Your social networks and their content
  • Patents and inventions
  • Copyright, intellectual, scientific, literary or artistic creations: computer programs, musical and literary works, online courses, publications, downloads, possession and distribution of illegal files.
  • Your products
  • Cryptoassets, Tokens and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Where do we act?

  • Search engines (Google, etc): URLs that offer illegal access to protected content in search engines; highranking phishing sites to trick users; websites indexed by unauthorized vendors selling fakes, etc.
  • Social networks: fake profiles that impersonate your identity; false advertisements on networks to redirect to fraudulent websites; or sale of fake products on networks; nonconsensual use of your videos…
  • Fraudulent websites: Cybersquatting (or identical domain names to take advantage of your brand), Typosquatters (similar domains with typos), imitation websites to sell counterfeits, redirect traffic or steal personal and financial data from customers and users.
  • Marketplaces: imitation or counterfeit products; unauthorized dealers; use of unauthorized images, etc.
  • Video platforms (Youtube, etc.): unauthorized use of your content and creations by blocking them or monetizing them (Social video growth).
  • Cyberlockers: P2P that distribute illegally; cloud/cloud from where it is illegally distributed; streaming where it is illegally viewed online without having to download and store files.
  • Mobile apps: unauthorized apps that impersonate your identity; fake apps to steal user data; fraudulent app to deceive the consumer.